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Niagara Climate Change Summit

In September 2021, Niagara Region declared a climate emergency to accelerate action on climate change in the community. Climate change is a local, national, and global issue affecting individuals and systems around the world. Although the responsibility to act is collective, municipalities in particular play a significant role in minimizing their carbon footprint and making their communities more resilient. The inaugural Climate Change Summit is hosted by Niagara Region in partnership with Brock University and the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority.

Call to Action & Future Forward

After hearing from keynote speaker Karen Farbridge, and a number of expert discussion panels, summit attendees were invited to sign a call to action as a demonstration of their commitment to form partnerships, share critical data and accelerate action on climate change and green house gas emissions in Niagara. Over 100 individuals, representing dozens of local organizations, signed the pledge.

The pledge forms a foundational first step for Niagara’s municipalities, institutions and businesses as it is widely accepted that meaningful action on climate change will require all sectors of society working together. It is anticipated that the call to action be a precursor to a formal emissions target that will be established in the future.

Summit attendees also participated in facilitated discussions for the majority of the afternoon. The feedback collected during these sessions will be utilized to develop a more cohesive climate change action plan for the Region.

Summit Recording

Below you will find a recording of the Niagara Climate Change Summit for your viewing.
Stay tuned for information on the 2023 Niagara Climate Change Summit!

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